Aimee LeMay Murphy currently works for Advanced Project Solutions (APS) as a Project Coordinator. APS is a nationwide project management and technology integration company specializing in break/fix maintenance, new-site, rollout and remodel projects.

Previously, Aimee worked for the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association whose mission is to promote the welfare of and advance the objectives of the University of Wisconsin-Madison by encouraging the interest, engagement and financial support of alumni, donors and friends in the life of the university and with each other. As Marketing Coordinator, Aimee created detailed tactical plans for use by cross-functional teams through the development, production and delivery of marketing campaigns and collateral.

Previously, Aimee worked for SE10, an international PR agency that specializes in public relations for industrial, business-to-business clients worldwide. SE10 provides services to multi-billion dollar companies in a variety of sectors such as engineering, construction, energy and mining. As research analyst, Aimee tracked coverage across hundreds of trade publications, both online and in print, to demonstrate client performance in comparison with competitors. Additionally, Aimee managed SE10’s social media presence across platforms such as LinkedInTwitter, and maintained the company website and blog.

A young professional with an insatiable appetite for learning, Aimee is especially interested in focusing on the future of technology and understanding how it can help her grow professionally and have a larger impact on the surrounding community.

If you’re interested in learning more about Aimee, take a peek at her resume or contact her directly.

Ever wonder what life is like in Chicago? What about during the polar vortex? Then check out Aimee’s blog post , written for SE10.


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